Chester & Bismark Properties

The Coeur d'Alene Mining District

North Idaho's prolific "Silver Valley" has been buzzing with excitement since Sterling Mining took control of the Sunshine Mine in June 2003. The Sunshine Mine is the richest silver mine in American history with more than 360 million ounces of production over the past century, within a district which has produced in excess of 1 billion ounces of silver. And yet, geologists estimate less than 15% of the district has been explored using modern exploration techniques.

Chester owns two strategic claim groups in the immediate vicinity of the Sunshine Mine:  the Chester and Bismark properties. Both claim groups have been leased to Sterling Mining Company. In addition, Chester owns 1/3 of the nearby Mineral Mountain Unitized Area, also under lease to Sterling.

The Chester Property

The Chester property consists of a 100-acre parcel, completely surrounded by the Sunshine Mine property and less than one mile east of its Jewell Shaft.

Despite almost 100 years of continuous production at the Sunshine Mine, having produced silver at grades exceeding on average 27.8 ounces of silver per ton, there has been relatively limited exploration in the upper levels of the mine due to the historical record of consistently converting resources to reserves and production at the Sunshine Mine.

Since 1900, Chester Mining has been in the area, and is now in its second century. For years, Chester Mining Company paid dividends derived from its profit percentage of silver produced from the Chester property area.

Click to Enlarge Chester Mining anticipates benefitting from Sterling Mining's announced dual program for advancing its Sunshine Mine project:  Exploration in the "upper country" of the Sunshine Mine and rehabilitation of the mine and restoration of power and services to re-commerce mining in the "lower country".

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The Bismark Property

The Bismark property consists of a 75-acre parcel, adjacent to the Sunshine Mine property and roughly one mile south-southwest of its Jewell Shaft. The Bismark claims were developed by a 1500-foot access drift from the surface and include over 1000 feet of lateral development along the Bismark Vein. Under the prior lease, Sunshine Mining & Refining drilled the property to explore the downward extension of the Bismark Vein. Although mineralized vein material was intersected, along with other veins and fault structures, detailed information regarding grade and thickness were not disclosed.